WCCE’s 2nd Extraordinary General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers was held virtually on 29th September 2022. The celebration of such Extraordinary Assembly was required by WCCE by-laws as the procedure to propose any changes in the bylaws. The meeting was attended exclusively by WCCE member representatives regarding the matters addressed. All member organizations entitled to vote attended this milestone meeting. The General Assembly also launched several initiatives which will be finalized during WCCE's 17th General Assembly.

Main outcomes

New WCCE appointed treasurer

The General Assembly ratifies the Executive Committee’s proposal to appoint Mr. Nathaniel Matalanga as WCCE’s Treasurer due to the resignation of former WCCE Treasurer and current President Elect, Mr. Óscar Sánchez Zúñiga.

WCCE appointed liaisons to WFEO Standing Committees

The General Assembly ratified the appointment of the following WCCE appointed liaisons to WFEO Standing Committees.

  • Anti-corruption - Jorge Abramian, Emilio Colon
  • Disaster Risk Management  -  Aris Chatzidakis
  • Education in Engineering - Jeannette Muñoz Abella
  • Engineering and the Environment - Alfonso Alberto González Fernández, Jeannette Muñoz Abella
  • Young Engineers / Future Leaders - Lilian Mumbua Kilatya
  • Information and Communication - Tito Fenech Cardoza
  • Engineering for Innovative Technologies - Iuri Svanidze
  • Education & Capacity Building - Emilio Colon
  • Water - Adolfo Guitelman
  • Working Group on Infrastructure Report Card - Andreas Brandner

Updated Standing Committee Framework

Once reviewed the following proposals, the General Assembly agreed the creation of the following Standing Committees - SC and Working Groups - WG:


  • WG Sustainable Development to be chaired by Ing. Juan Domingo Yacopino.


  • SC Young Professionals to be chaired by Eng. Lilian Mumbua Kilatya


  • SC Circular Economy to be chaired by Eng. Aishatu Umar
  • WG Transportation Infrastructure to be chaired by Eng. Joseph Olatunde Akinteye

Host country renewal of current Standing Committees

Once reviewed the following proposals, the General Assembly agreed to renew the host country of the following Standing Committees for the period 2023 - 2025.


  • SC on Water to be chaired by Ing. Adolfo Guitelman

Puerto Rico

  • SC Construction and Ethics to be chaired by Ing. Emilio Colón


  • SC Education & Capacity Development to be chaired by Eng. Martin Manuhwa

Elections to WCCE's Executive Committee - Europe Continental Representative

The General Assembly ratified Ms. Teresa Maria Soares Costa as elected Continental Representative to the Executive Committee on behalf of European countries for the period 2022 - 2024.

Host for WCCE's 18th and 19th General Assemblies

The General Assembly agrees to celebrate:

  • its WCCE’s 18th General Assembly in Kenya, under the auspices of Institution of Engineers Kenya.
  • its WCCE’s 19th General Assembly in Cyprus under the auspices of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers.

Date for WCCE's 17th General Assembly

Last but not least, the General Assembly also confirmed that WCCE's next General Assembly will be held on January 26th, 2023 in Porto, Portugal