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In the performance of his or her professional services, the civil engineer shall comply at all times with the following duties:

The engineer will:

(1) Act honestly and impartially

(2) Make full and truthful disclosure of all relevant matters to all relevant parties (unless prevented from doing so by any legal prohibition or legitimate duty of confidence)

(3) Declare all conflicts of interest to all relevant parties

(4) Express opinions only on the basis of adequate knowledge

(5) Perform services or undertake responsibilities only where he or she is competent to do so

(6) Not act unfairly, carelessly or maliciously so as to damage the prospects, reputation, employment, or business of any other person

(7) Not be influenced by any matters which may prejudice his or her integrity.

The engineer will act with due regard to:

(1) The safeguarding of life, health and property

(2) Enhancing the quality of life

(3) The responsible, adequate and efficient use of economic resources in each project

(4) The well-being of futureΒ generations.

The engineer is very much concerned about actual sustainable demands and efforts and therefore will act with due regard to:

(1) Protecting and improving the environment

(2) Promoting the use of renewable and recyclable materials

(3) Minimising use of natural resources.

The engineer will:

(1) Accept only those appointments which:

(a) have a legal objective

(b) require the engineer to provide legitimate services

(c) do not require the engineer to act in a way which would be contrary to this Code.

(2) Withdraw from any appointment which the engineer discovers does not comply with the criteria in sub-paragraph (1) above

(3) Ensure that his or her terms of appointment and scope of work are clearly and compre hensively agreed and set out in writing

(4) Carry out the client services:

(a) in accordance with the terms of appointment

(b) with all reasonable care and attention

(c) so as to fulfil the requirements of this Code

(5) Observe any legitimate duty of confidence to the client

(6) Not accept any commission or appointment which may give rise to a conflict of interest with an existing appointment.

The engineer will:

(1) Always act so as to uphold the dignity, honour and standing of the engineering profession

(2) Endeavour to increase public understanding of the benefits of civil engineering

(3) Endeavour to protect the profession from misrepresentation

(4) Report to the appropriate institution any unethical behaviour by a fellow engineer.

The engineer will:

(1) Continue his or her professional development throughout his or her career

(2) Develop his or her understanding of the effect of his or her work on society and the environment and of how to further the aims of sustainable development

(3) Endeavour to assist in the professional development of engineers under his or her su pervision and of engineers generally.

The engineer will:

(1) Seek to use his or her skills to be of public service,

(2) Support other initiatives with similar objectives.

The engineer will:

(1) Distance himself from any direct or indirect involvement, regarding bribery, fraud, deception, cartels, money laundering or any other type of criminal activity.

(2) If in a senior position, take reasonable steps to prevent, and investigate any suspicion of, and report criminal activity within the organization (public or private), or the project in which he or she is working

(3) Report criminal activity to the appropriate authorities, except where this could prejudice any legitimate investigation or result in harm to any person

(4) Co-operate with any legitimate criminal investigation

(5) Speak out publicly about the damage which criminal activity does to the profession, industry and society

(6) Encourage the implementation of appropriate anti-corruption management systems, by his or her organization, and on the on the project on which he or she is working.