According to the last amendment to the President-Elect election procedure, agreed upon during the 8th General Assembly in Santiago, Cuba, on 11 October 2013, the Executive Committee must substantiate the election procedure.


National and international members in good standing will hold elections during General Assemblies. The President-Elect will be elected by a simple majority. Β Β 


Candidates for the post of President-Elect must belong to a member of WCCE with active voting rights. Only candidacies submitted from members in good standing will be accepted.


Documentation will only be accepted in English. The following documents will comprise the candidacy documentation bundle.

  • Curriculum Vitae (max. two pages)
  • Support letter from the candidate’s Member
  • Action plan for the term


Candidates must present the documents mentioned above three months before the scheduled date of the General Assembly.


During the General Assembly, each candidate will have 5 minutes to explain to the participants his/her plan for the next period and his/her strategic vision. Participants will have the opportunity to ask each candidate about his/her plans and background. After all the presentations are finalized and questions are responded to, the President will call for voting for the position of President-Elect. The candidate who receives the most votes will be declared the new President-Elect by the General Assembly.