On Wednesday, February 28th, the awarding ceremony of the first edition of Manuel Lorenzo Pardo’s Awards on Water Management best practices was held. On a biennial basis, the Association of Civil Engineers awards people, organizations and institutions regarding water which stand out for their best practice in the integrated water resource management model.

The entities awarded this year were the Ebro river Basin Authority and Valencia’s Water Court. In the awardee proclamation speech, Association of Civil Engineers’ Vicepresident Tomás A. Sancho, highlighted the avant garde nature of both organizations in their different areas: Valencia’ Water Court as a millenial institution regarding the ruling of water rights and Ebro river Basin Authority, as the first basin organization, created by Mr. Manuel Lorenzo Pardo in 1926.

WCCE President Alfonso González, offered the Manuel Lorenzo Pardo Award, in response to its exemplary water management model and the contribution of the Authority to the economic development of the regions which make up the Ebro River Basin, to Raimundo Lafuente, Ebro river Basin Authority President, on its behalf. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Lafuente highlighted the special value for the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation of receiving an Award from the Association of Civil Engineers and stressed the complexity of water management in an Organism that covers territories belonging to several regional governments, 18 provinces and manages water for a population of over three million citizens. He also declared the Authority’s public status and the commitment and good work of all its employees.

Following, Colegio’s President Juan Santamera took the floor to award in attention to its exemplary model of water management, its millenary character, and its condition as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Valencia’s Water Court. The award was accepted on its behalf by Jose Font Sanchis, Trustee of Valencia Water Court’s Mestalla Branch and President. During his acceptance speech, José Font, President of the Tribunal, thanked the awarding briefly explained the organization of the Water Court.