WCCE participated in 11th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations (MENBO), held in Malta from 22 - 24 March 2017, through our Standing Committe on Water Chairman, Teodoro Estrela. The main themes addresed in this event regarded climate change adaptation at the basin level, the nexus between Water and Agriculture in the Mediterranean region and non-conventional water resources such as reuse and desalination.

WCCE participated in the meeting under the aegis of the partnership agreement signed on June 2016 between International Network of Basin Organizations INBO and WCCE. WCCE's contribution to the meeting was the presentation of IAHR-WCCE joint journals, JAWER - Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research and RIBAGUA - Revista Iberoamericana del Agua, offering such publications to showcase MENBO members' initiatives compliant with each journal's scope.

MENBO, the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations, was established as a regional network of INBO (the International Network of Basin Organisations) on the 3rd of November of 2002. MENBO’s main objective is to promote an integrated water resources management in the Mediterranean Basin, as an essential tool for a sustainable development.

With this goal in mind, MENBO seeks to:

  • Develop lasting relationships among water management organisations in the Mediterranean region, and exchange information between them.
  • Facilitate the implementation of water management tools.
  • Develop information and training programmes.
  • Encourage population’s awareness on water management related issues.
  • Promote integrated water resource management in international programmes.
  • Evaluate on-going members’ actions.
  • Strengthen relations among MENBO members.
  • Develop joint activities of regional interest.