This Model Code of Practice provides further amplification and explanation to engineers and national engineering organizations to interpret and implement principles of climate change adaptation at a practical level.

The Model Code of Practice has been prepared as a complement to the WFEO Model Code of Ethics for Engineers and the Model Code of Practice for Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship.

The Model Code of Practice is provided as guidance to engineers to consider the implications of climate change in their professional practice and that they create a clear record of the outcomes of those considerations. It consists of nine principles that constitute the scope of professional practice for engineers to initiate climate change adaptation actions, particularly for civil infrastructure and buildings.

It is intended for practicing engineers who are members of one or more of the national organizations who are members of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO).

The WFEO Model Code of Practice on Principles of Climate Change Adapdation for Engineers was adopted at the December 2015 General Assembly.

The Nine Principles of the Code of Practice

The principles are summarized into three categories:

  • Practice guidance
  • Integrating Climate Information
  • Professional Judgment

The nine principles are as follows:

Professional Judgment

  • Model Code Principle # 1: Integrate Adaption into Practice
  • Model Code Principle # 2: Review Adequacy of Current Standards
  • Model Code Principle # 3: Exercise Professional Judgement

Integrating Climate Information

  • Model Code Principle # 4: Interpret Climate Information
  • Model Code Principle # 5: Work with Specialists and Stakeholders
  • Model Code Principle # 6: Use Effective Language

Practice Guidance

  • Model Code Principle # 7: Plan for Service Life
  • Model Code Principle # 8: Use Risk Assessment for Uncertainty
  • Model Code Principle # 9: Monitor Legal Liabilities

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