WCCE awards Civil Engineering Excellence Awards through its Jose Medem Award. The first presentation of the Award was made in 2010 during our 5th General Assembly of WCCE. The awardee, civil engineer as defined by the WCCE member society of the nation in which he or she resides is to be selected based on his or her noteworthy contributions to the practice, theory, or public status of civil engineering. Nominees should possess appreciable experience in the profession, international standing as well as significant educational accomplishments. 



  •  Any professional civil engineer can be nominated without any restriction on the age or area of expertise.
  • Award application should be based on a project or service to the public or profession performed throughout his/her civil engineering career.
  • Only one award can be granted per individual.


Only national members of WCCE may submit nominations. Only one nomination per award term of two years may be filed by each WCCE member organisation. Updated unsuccessful nominations may later be submitted again.

The nomination file consisting of the nomination form and supporting documents is limited to 25 pages and has to be submitted electronically to the e-mail address indicated in the nomination form before 12:00 noon (Madrid, Spain Time) on the announced deadline. The file should contain,

  •  Properly completed official Nomination Form
  • Curriculum Vitae which should clearly indicate the occupational history of the nominee
  • Statement of compliance explaining the merits of the nominee that make him/her comply with the requirements of the Award.
  • At least four supporting letters from senior personalities who know the nominee well.
  • Any other supporting documents.



Nominations shall be evaluated on the basis of the accomplishments and contributions of the nominees to the profession of civil engineering in the direction of WCCE principles. They should possess appreciable professional experience; their international standing and educational accomplishments will naturally add to their credit. Evaluation criteria include, but not limited to the following considerations:

  •  Major civil engineering projects proposed/initiated/directed/realised.
  •  Patents and other innovative contributions to civil engineering.
  •  Contributions to the theory/practice of civil engineering.
  •  Contributions to the public status of civil engineering.
  •  Academic/professional honours.
  •  Published works such as books, journal papers, conference papers etc.
  •  Educational/research accomplishments.
  •  Leadership abilities and potential as a role model.
  •  International standing.

Candidacy submission guidelines can be downloaded here.