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'Resilient Women, Resilient World'

Friday, 1st September 2023 16:00
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As we enter the last quarter of 2023, we are virtually 6 years away from the deadline of the 2030 Agenda  and if the SDGs are to be achieved and to be truly sustainable, with no one being be left behind, the  implementation must be owned by local actors in every part of the globe. Therefore, our chosen speakers  who are from diverse backgrounds, from di erent parts of the world, will speak to the theme-Resilient  Women, Resilient World through the highlighted SDGs and interrogate their progress. This webinar will  stimulate a review on the progress in di erent parts of the world and further promote knowledge thus  catalyze further action. 

By addressing these interconnected SDGs along with Resilience of Women, we aim to achieve holistic  development and promote the creation of sustainable communities. The Women in Engineering prioritizes  the well-being of individuals especially females, fosters equity, and environmental stewardship.  The discourse therefore highlights the fact that women play a crucial role in driving progress towards  achieving each of those goals. 

The theme of the webinar contemplates a resilient world which can only be achieved by the integration of  the SDG’s with the resilient woman of any color, race, tribe or social strata being the mainstay of such a  world. The speakers will discuss how resilient women are instrumental in driving progress across various  SDGs as well as their contributions in hunger reduction, health, education, gender equality, water and  sanitation, energy, climate change, industry and infrastructure and cities  


The World Federation of Engineering Organisations-Women in Engineering Committee, in partnership with  INWES and ICSI and various Country Engineering institutions across the world, through collaborative  discussions proposes that an integrated approach will accelerate achievement of the sustainable  development goals. (SDGs) 

Resilient Women are vital for achieving sustainable development and creating a more equitable and  resilient world for all. The emphasis will be that empowering and supporting women is crucial for realizing  the full potential of the SDGs and building a sustainable future. By recognizing and empowering Resilient  Women, we can accelerate progress towards achieving all the SDGs  

The webinar also celebrates and disseminates examples of SDG implementation in action, with a focus on  the Role of Women and Resilience (both personal and societal).


Richard Coackley CBE BSc CEng FICE CWEM FCIWEM

Richard’s professional background as a chartered Civil Engineer is in water engineering and power. He has worked  in both consulting and contracting engineering businesses as a Companies House Director. He has been involved  in major infrastructure works in Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan and Asia in water supply, sanitation, maritime,  major hydropower and nuclear decommissioning. Richard is a Past President of the Institution of Civil Engineers (2011-12), Honorary Life President of the  European Council of Civil Engineers and a Smeatonian. He is immediate past chair of the UK Reservoirs Committee  and UK representative at the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, part of UNESCO. Richard is keenly  interested in the professional development of engineers of all ages and longterm International relationships and the  delivery of the United Nations Sustainable development Goals (SDG’s). He is keen to enthuse young engineers and  broaden their skills, while retaining independence of thought in the logic and art of civil engineering. Richard was  awarded CBE for services to civil engineering in 2014.

Ania Lopez Rap. Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (ITALIA) Exco World Federation Engineering Organization (WFEO)

PhD candidate in Industrial and Management Engineering at the ‚ÄúAntonio Ruberti‚ÄĚ Department of Computer, ¬†Control and Management Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, with research activities in the field of ¬†Agricultural Production and Renewable Energies. She has a double degree in Mechanical Engineering in Cuba and ¬†in Italy, with specialization in Energy. He has over 20 years of experience as an engineer in public and private works ¬†in large infrastructure including the Construction, HVAC, Healthcare and Electrical sectors.¬†
She is a consultant as Project Manager for Energy Engineer for the European project "Next Generation EU" in the  authorization procedures of all the Renewable Energy Plants of the Lazio Region. Since 2006 I have been  registered in the National Professional Register (Colleges of Engineers of the Province of Viterbo). From 2011 to 2022  member of the National Council of Engineers CNI (Ministry of Justice) and of the Foundation Council of the National  Council of Engineers, first woman in the history of Italian engineering to be a member of the Executive Council of  the CNI, creator of the project "Ingenio al Feminile", for the enhancement of the Figure of the Engineer. 
Since 2013 CNI Delegate for the World Federation Engineering Organization and active member in the Women and  Energy Permanent Technical Committee, international participation in the World Engineers Conferences and  Forums with presentation of technical papers regarding Agenda 20230. Since 2019 Member of the Board of  Directors of the WFEO (UNESCO) Since 2020 Chairman of the WFEO Awards Committee and member of the  Support Committee and Working Group Reviews. Since 2022 you have been the FAO project coordinator for the  WFEO.

Wai Yie Leong  Fellow IEM , Fellow IET, CEng, PEng, SMIEEE, MIEM, H.MAFEO, APEC/IntPE

Received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and bachelor’s degree (Hons I) in Electrical Engineering from The  University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia in 2005 and 2000 respectively. She has authored 10 book series  that highlight the innovation in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering. Wai Yie is currently the Immediate Past  Chairperson of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET Malaysia Local Network), IET United Kingdom  Council Member, the Vice President of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) 2020/2022 and Vice President of International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) 2020/2023, and World Federation of Engineering  Organisation (Women in Engineering Committee). 
She specialises in medical signal processing and telecommunications research. She has been researching IR4.0,  wireless sensor networks, ultra-wideband and wireless communications, and Brain Signal Processing for signal  conditioning and classification in various EEG-based mental tasks. She has developed a gait analysis system and  upper limb tracking system. The novel bio-informatics technique has been commercialized and licensed to  healthcare companies to extract important features of biomedical signals. Her research works have contributed to  cultural enrichment, quality of life, health, and well-being and enhanced the biomedical research capacity,  knowledge, and skills of businesses and organisations. The research project has also contributed toward the  wealth creation growth of biomedical companies, business revenue, and innovative capacity. She has been  successfully attracting R&D investment from businesses. 
Wai Yie has been awarded the Private Education Excellence Awards 2022 ‚ÄėSpecial Recognition ‚Äď National Unity ¬†Award‚Äô under the University category, 2022 Laureate of the WFEO Women in Engineering Award, First Runner Up ¬†of the 2021 UN Women Malaysia WEPs Awards in the Leadership Commitment, IEM Women Engineer of the Year ¬†2018, IEM Presidential of Excellence Award 2016 & 2015, INTI Outstanding Alumni Award for Academic ¬†Excellence 2016, She is specialized in medical signal processing and telecommunications and has received the Ten¬†
Outstanding Young Malaysian 2017, Top Research Scientists Malaysia 2017, ASEAN Meritorious Service Award  2017, IEM Best Paper Award 2015, MRRI2013 Best Paper Award 2013, Richard Jago Research Prize in 2004 and  Trailblazer Innovation Award in 2005, in Australia. Wai Yie has been actively involved in Women In Technology  (Brisbane) and has received the Smart-State- Smart-Women Award presented by Queensland Government,  Australia, in 2005. 
Wai Yie has been the National and International Academic Accreditation Panel for more than 20 universities. She  has over 10 years of research and industry experience in Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia,  with a special interest in biomedical signal & image processing, smart control, telecommunications, and  wireless sensor networks. She was also the 2013 Young Scientist (by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia) and has  been elected as the Chair of the International Networking Group of Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences  Malaysia (YSN-ASM). She has been representing women engineers at meetings and discussions at United Nations.

Yetunde Mariam Aladeitan Phd ,FNSE, FNSChE

Yetunde holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University  Ile-Ife, in 2001 and a Master of Science degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from the Robert Gordon University,  Aberdeen, Scotland. She worked briefly at Amazon Energy Limited (an oil and gas servicing firm based in Lagos)  between 2006 and 2007. She joined the Faculty of Engineering, University of Abuja in 2008 as a lecturer in the  Department of Chemical Engineering. Dr Aladeitan obtained a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the African  University of Science and Technology, Abuja. Aladeitan is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Society  of Petroleum Engineers, Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Association of  Professional Women Engineers. 
Dr. Aladeitan is registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) . She is a fellow of  the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers. She is an ardent STEM  advocatefor young girls (APWEN) where she has also served in various capacities at the National and Branch  levels. She was the Technical Secretary of APWEN Abuja Chapter from 2015-2017 and is currently the National  Technical Secretary for APWEN. She is happily married to Dr. Olanrewaju Aladeitan and they are blessed with two  Children. 
Cillia Molomo-Mphephu 
Pr Tech Eng, BTech (Mech Eng), MBA, MSAIMechE, MSAIIE, MSAAMA
Ms Cillia Molomo-Mphephu is an engineering and management professional registered with Engineering Council  of South Africa (ECSA). In addition to her Engineering qualifications, Ms Molomo-Mphephu also holds Business  qualifications. She is currently a Director at Centre of Engineering Excellence (Pty) Ltd, the company that she  founded earlier in 2020. She previously held various positions in the engineering industry within Armscor, City of  Cape Town, Sasol, Department of Correctional Services and Denel. 
Ms Molomo-Mphephu is just few months shy of 30 years’ experience in the Engineering profession and has built a  wealth of experience especially in the subject of Engineering Asset Management. She has authored a number of  publications on the subject, and is currently focused on positioning her Company to be a game changer in the  Engineering Asset Management space. 
Additional to her ECSA registration, Ms Molomo-Mphephu is a member and Vice President of the South African  Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE). She is also a member of the South African Asset Management  Association (SAAMA), the organisation through which she participated in World Partners in Asset Management  (WPiAM). She is also a member of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) federation, Motor Industry Bargaining Council  (MiBCO) and Motor Industry Sta  Association (MISA) through her Company. 

Savina Carluccio, Executive Director at International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure

Savina is the Executive Director of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) and a fervent  advocate of the role of civil engineers in tackling our society’s biggest challenges. She is an experienced Civil  Engineer and infrastructure practitioner with almost two decades of experience advising government,  infrastructure owners and operators, multi-lateral development banks and NGOs to develop and implement  inclusive, sustainable and resilient infrastructure that is fit for the future. Prior to taking her role at ICSI, she worked  as an Associate Director and infrastructure advisor at Arup and she was the Head of Guidance and Standards at  the Resilience Shift. She also serves a member of Institution of Civil Engineers’ Advisory Board on sustainable and  resilient infrastructure.


Enyonam Kpekpena FGhiE, PMP, Deputy Chair, Women in Engineering Committee World Federation Engineering Organization (WIE-WFEO)

Ing. Dr. Enyonam Kpekpena is the Manager Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Projects Delivery &  Programme Management O ce (PMO) Lead at the Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd. From an early age, a  heightened sense of discipline, responsibility, confidence, open-mindedness and a focus on achieving results, she  has worked in various leadership roles. 
Ing Dr. Mrs. Enyonam Kpekpena is a fellow of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GHIE), the current President of  Women in Engineering (WinE), Ghana, a founding president of ECG-WinE Chapter, and a member of the Project  Management Institute (PMI), Ghana and USA. She is currently the Deputy Vice-Chair for Female Retention and  Leadership in Engineering theme 2 for the Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee, World federation of Engineering  Organizations (WIE-WFEO). She also serves as the Deputy Chair-1 for WIE, federation of African Engineering  Organizations (WIE-FAEO). She serves on the Nominations Committee of PMI Ghana and is a council member of  GHIE. She has worked in ECG for over 16 years and is currently the Manager/ IT Project Delivery and the PMO Lead. 
Ing Dr. Mrs. Enyonam Kpekpena obtained her bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2000, where she specialized in telecommunications and  computers. She discovered her love for academia and obtained a Master of Science Degree in Management with  specialization in Information Technology (IT) and Project Management from 2003 to 2004 at Colorado Technical  University, USA, and followed it up with a Doctorate Degree in Management from the same university, with a  concentration in Project Management from 2014 to 2017. Her research interests include IT Project Management,  Project Performance Management, and Earned Value Management. Her pursuit of excellence has led her to  undertake certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP), IT Service Management (ITIL  Foundation) Expert, and IT Security (Certified Ethical Hacker) Expert. 
Enyonam’s life experiences have taught her that everything is achievable with dedication, persistence, hard work  and commitment. Her aspiration is to become a seasoned consultant in Program Management to be able to  successfully deliver innovative products to transform her nation. To this end, she continues to encourage, counsel,  mentor and guide not only male and female students, but young professionals in their careers, and to this, Ing. Dr.  Enyonam KPEKPENA is dedicated. 

Yetunde Holloway BSc, MSc, ACIArb, FNSE

Yetunde Holloway is presently the Chair of the Women in Engineering Committee of the World Federation of  Engineering Organizations (WFEO), promotes Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the engineering space. As  Chair of WIE of WFEO and FAEO, Yetunde’s role has included facilitating various events to promote interests of  women, especially female engineers, and to highlight their vital roles in achieving the SDGs. She is keenly interested  in the development of Strategic Engineering Indicators, as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development  Goals, with particular emphasis on Goal 5. As a STEAM advocate, she initiated the Virtual STEAM ART competition  for African girls aged 5-11 (and now boys) across the African Continent. The competition also seeks to engage  young minds imaginatively, to address climate change issues, as well as other problems in African communities. It  also highpoints the unique collaboration between creativity, innovation and technical expertise. She mentors  several young and aspiring engineers and particularly encourages professional development of female in STEM 
Engr. Holloway represents WFEO on the board of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI).  Yetunde is particularly interested in Climate Change issues and believes that “The future of planet Earth can only  exist within the precepts of equitable, resilient and sustainable infrastructure, which caters to all, regardless of,  race, education, ethnicity, gender, occupation, social status, social strata or creed’’ Yetunde is a Civil Engineer from  the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She an Associate of Chartered Arbitrators (UK), ACIArb and works as an executive  board member of the Special Committee for Rehabilitation of Public Schools (SCRPS) in Lagos State, a policy  implementation agency of the Lagos State Government, dedicated to improving infrastructure in public schools in  the State. The team has increased the number of classrooms by an estimated 10-15%, in the last 3.5 years. Newer  and modern schools have also been constructed in various hitherto underserved communities in Lagos. 


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