WCCE’s 1st Extraordinary General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers was held virtually on 30th November 2021. The celebration of such Extraordinary Assembly was required by WCCE by-laws as the procedure to propose any changes in the bylaws. The meeting was attended exclusively by WCCE member representatives regarding the matters addressed. All member organizations entitled to vote attended this milestone meeting. The General Assembly also launched several initiatives which will be finalized during WCCE's 16th General Assembly.ew initiatives and member's collaboration.

Main outcomes

UGR – WCCE Hosting Premises Agreement

The General Assembly has accepted Granada’s University offer to host WCCE premises in its Faculty of Civil Engineering. The specifics to such agreement will be addressed by a bilateral Hosting Premises agreement whose draft has been ratitified by the General Assembly during the meeting.

WCCE By-laws Modification

As a follow-up to the move of WCCE's premises, the General Assembly has agreed to modify Article 1 of WCCE’s Articles of Association setting its headquarters in Granada’s University Faculty of Civil Engineering from the day after the final signing of UGR- WCCE’s hosting premises agreement.

New Web Hosting Services

Regarding WCCE's website, the General Assembly has agreed to move its hosting server from its previous location.

Elections to WCCE's Executive Committee

The General Assembly agreed to open call for elections to be held during WCCE’s 16th General Assembly for the renewal of the following for Executive Committee offices:

  • President Elect
  • Continental Representatives to the Executive Committee on behalf of the following continents:
    • Africa
    • America
    • Asia
    • Europe

Date for WCCE's 16th General Assembly

Last but not least, the General Assembly also confirmed that WCCE's next General Assembly will be held on January 25th, 2022. On such General Assembly WCCE’s Executive Committee will be renewed by election of the offices of President Elect and Continental Representatives and the handing over of the presidency from President Carlos Mineiro to President Elect Jorge Abramian.