A Book to be Published by WFEO and WCCE


WCCE’s Water Committee is preparing the WFEO’s book, β€œENGINEERING, WATER, AND SMART CITIES,” which should be released in October 2025. The book’s draft Table of Contents has already been prepared, and some collaborators have agreed to write different sections. However, many sections still need to be appointed. This is an invitation for volunteers who could write one or more sections. Please share and publicise this call among your institutions. I expect to have completed the grid of collaborators by July 15.Β Β 

Our project has already attracted collaborators from Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay. It's important to note that not all topics require expertise in water issues. This is a collaborative effort, and while one person may be assigned specific sections, all participants will have the opportunity to contribute as editors and proofreaders, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded publication.

This call is open to any engineer in your institution who is eager to share their knowledge and ideas. It's also a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your peers the value of engaging in international forums like ours. Even if the publication is not indexed, it will carry significant weight as it will be published under the prestigious WFEO and WCCE stamps. All authors will be duly acknowledged, further enhancing their professional reputation.

WFEO entrusted us with this important task, and I hope we can deliver a quality, state-of-the-art report. You can check the Table of Contents here. Please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling about the topic you would like to write about.

Jorge E. Abramian