WFEO appointed WCCE as one of the two task groups to review WFEO's infrastructure report card deliverables. The report Infrastructure Report for Africa South of the Sahara was directed by FAEO and chaired by Eng. Dr. Martin van Veelen.

The report’s objectives are twofold:

      1. to increase awareness of the importance of economic and social infrastructure and the associated role of engineering and built environment professionals, and
      2. to promote the professions and built environment as a career destination.

In that sense, the report includes evaluations of the infrastructure related to the different economic and social sectors, like energy, sanitation, roads, water supply, airports, ports, etc. WFEO accepted the nomination of a team of four official reviewers, Andreas Brandner (Austria) as the team leader, Joan Nweke (Nigeria), Eng. Justus Otwani (Kenya), and Gerardo Castillo (Costa Rica). Additionally, Victor Smith (Liberia) and Jorge E. Abramian (Argentina) will integrate the team as collaborators.