In late June, our Cuban member, National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba – UNAICC organized the Civil Engineering International Convention held in Varadero. WCCE delegation comprised our President, Alfonso González Fernández, together with President Elect Carlos Mineiro Aires and Past President Tomás Sancho. 

President González participated as a speaker to the Session “Civil Engineering: Lessons learnt and challenges”. In addition to this, Past President Sancho participated as a speaker at the Round Table ("the Hydraulic Engineering for integrated water management and environment"), organized by the Society of Hydraulic Engineering UNAICC.


In its closing ceremony, our Past President Tomás Sancho received UNAICC’sAssociate of Honor award (agreement of the Board of UNAICC of June 10, 2016) based on the privileged relationship for years has maintained the CICCP with fellow Cuba.