Water & Energy Management and Innovation in Latin America

2015 Annual Conference of UN-Water in Zaragoza. Water and Sustainable Development: From Vision to Action. 15-17 January 2015- Side event. 


Date: January 14, 2015 

Time: 12: 30-17: 00 

Location: Ebro River Basin premises, Paseo de Sagasta 24, Zaragoza 

Coordinated by World Council of Civil Engineers, Aquae Foundation, CODIA

 The interrelationships between water and energy in Latin America are diverse, complex and intense. Current trends suggest that this interdependence is subject to greater stress in the future, due to population growth and urbanization; economic growth; competition for water in watersheds with concentrated economic development; and trends toward increasing the intensity of water in energy production and energy intensity in the provision of water for different uses - all this in the context of climate change.



This side event will focus on the Conference of Ibero-American Water (CODIA) Directors and its activities, analyzing the experiences on water management and innovation and the needs of R&D related to water and energy. A brief presentation of the Monograph on Water and Energy was also performed.


During this session, government representatives presented the main challenges and opportunities for water management in Latin America for the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first part will introduce the CODIA and activities. Second, a panel that experiences on water management and innovation and energy debate will take place. Finally, we make a brief presentation of the Monograph on Water and Energy for WCCE Foundation and UNW-DPAC Aquae.

Invited participants are Liana Ardiles, Director General of Water; Ramiro Aurín, Associate Editor RIBAGUA; Manuel Omedas, Head of the Planning Office of the Ebro CH; Vicente Andreu, president of the ANA, Brazil; José Elias Chedid Abraham, Director General of the Agency of Lerma Santiago Pacific, CNA, Mexico; César Lanza, Tecnova Director, Technical Committee Water, Energy and Environment CICCP, Spain; Josefina Maestu, Director of the UN Office for supporting the water decade; Angel Simón, President AQUAE Foundation; Thomas Á. Sancho, President WCCE.