19th November - World Toilet Day

In 2001 WTO declared 19th November World Toilet Day (WTD). Today it is celebrated in over 19 countries with over 51 events being hosted by various water and sanitation advocates.


World Toilet Organization created WTD to raise global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.WTD also brings to the forefront the health, emotional and psychological consequences the poor endure as a result of inadequate sanitation.


WTD's popularity is gaining momentum, and in 2010 there were 51 events spanning 19 countries. Our "Big Squat" campaign generated 24 "Big Squats" globally and in Singapore over 600 squatters joined the cause in six locations island-wide. WTO would love to see our day become "The" event that represents the sanitation crisis globally, and we strongly encourage our members, volunteers, the community, media and partners to get behind our cause and support our day.

On 17 July 2013, United Nations General Assembly, recognizing that events organized on 19 November in many Member States in the context of World Toilet Day have contributed to a better awareness and concerted actions on different aspects of the critical issue of sanitation for all, and acknowledging in this regard the critical role of civil society organizations, decided, in the context of Sanitation for All, to designate 19 November as World Toilet Day.

Further information on its activities can be consulted in the following link:  http://worldtoiletday.org/