Armando Rito, Civil Engineering Excellence Awardee 2014

Engenheiro Armando Rito, The PhD in Civil Engineering received from the President of the World Council of Civil Engineers, Mr. Tomás Sancho, the Excellence Award for Civil Engineering of the World Council of Civil Engineers, Civil Engineering National 2014 in recognition of his dense and fruitful career marked by perseverance, hard work, efficiency and entrepreneurship, what has been a very prominent figure in structural design.

 The award-winning laudatio was provided by Mrs. Cristina Machado, President of the Civil Engineering College from Ordem dos Engenheiros de Portugal. During the ceremony, President Sancho, highlighted Mr Rito's brilliant career and the desire to improve over the years.

The president of the World Council of Civil Engineers recognized his world acclaimed bridge designs developed along his 40 years of professional activity, his remarkable performance in managerial aspects in his consulting engineering firm, together with his several other recognitions in structural engineering such as FIP's and Freissinet Medas.

The first presentation of the World Council of Civil Engineering (WCCE) Award was made in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during WCCE's 5th General Assembly. From then onwards, the Medal has been presented biennially hereafter, helping direct world attention to the practice, theory and public contributions of civil engineering. The recipient is to be chosen based on his or her noteworthy contributions to the practice, theory, or public status of civil engineering. Nominees should possess appreciable experience in the profession, international standing as well as significant educational accomplishments.