📒 Monograph series

💧📖 Managing Floods and droughts - A WFEO monograph

This monograph deals with the first of the topics, “Drought and flood management: Best practices and engineering contribution” and has been prepared based on the reference documents in these matters and the contributions made by the members of the organizations that They are listed in the authorship section of the report and contributions.

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💧📖 WM - Water Monographies series

The World Council of Civil Engineers, the United Nations Office in Spain and Aqualogy Foundation signed an agreement to publish a series of monographs under the topics chosen annually to commemorate the "International Year of Water" declared by the UN in the 2013-2015 triennium. 

The initiative has been welcomed by several stakeholders including UN agencies which have presented their views on water related topics. Views expressed were non unanimous and even opposite, but have enriched the reader expressing pros and cons of each approach, being respectful with the other.

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📖 WACER - World Annual Civil Engineering Report

WCCE's World Annual Civil Engineering Report launched in 2014 consists of a series of articles examining civil engineering implications worldwide with a clear aim of providing an overall point of view of our profession. In addition various WCCE activities and initiatives are also included.

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Project Anti Corruption System PACS for Construction Projects

The Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS) is an integrated and comprehensive system designed to assist in the prevention and detection of corruption on construction projects. It uses a variety of anti-corruption measures, which can be integrated into project management. These measures impact on all project phases, on all major participants, and at a number of contractual levels. PACS comprises the PACS Standards and the PACS Templates.

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