Lisbon’s Civil Engineering Summit: a milestone forum

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious, and its accomplishment relies deeply on engineering, especially on civil engineering. On other hand, it is clear that global action to accomplish such goals can only be enhanced by coordinated bottom-up contributions from the project level to local, national and regional action.
Due to this, Portuguese Ordem of Engenheiros (OEP) will bring engineers from around the world to Lisbon to share knowledge, challenges and projects in Lisbon Civil Engineering Summit 2019 (CES2019), which will be held at Portugal's LNEC- The National Civil Engineering Laboratory. This Civil Engineering Summit follows mid April Ljubljana's World Construction Forum and precedes Melbourne’s World Engineering Congress to be held in late November. Within its scope, four global and regional associations related to civil engineering will hold their respective General Assemblies.

WCCE sees this forum as an opportunity to establish some stable platform which may provide common ground to address an aligned civil engineering contribution with the accomplishment of UN’s SDGs.
WCCE’s role in Lisbon’s CES will be shown through its contributing speakers to the Congress as well as through the hosting of several joint initiatives with the other attending regional organizations, promoting not only collaboration between them but among its respective attending organizations. On such grounds, I declare that I am doubly honoured as OEP President/Bastonario and as WCCE President of the framework that Lisbon’s CES will provide.
But the success of the Summit relies on the contribution of all attendees. Therefore, I encourage you to participate in the full program, especially in WCCE’s General Assembly, which will showcase our initiatives to align our members’ activities with the principles ruling UN’s SDGs.
I am sure that your attendance and contribution to the activities hosted such week will enhance the Summit’s discussions and its outcome.
The stage is set but we need your participation to enhance WCCE’s contribution to the UN's SDGs.
Looking forward for your attending and contributing to Lisbon’s CES and hoping you will be able to enjoy your time in Lisbon,
Yours sincerely,