Echoes from our 9th General Assembly

The 9th General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE), a UN- Water partner, took place in Lisbon from 21- 25 November 2014, hosted by Ordem dos Engenheiros de Portugal on the occasion of an international workshop on Heritage Building restoration at the same venue. The attendance to WCCE activities by our Portuguese counterparts and WCCE delegates was very high and enriched our activities with their expertise.


Coming back to our General Assembly, several issues were addressed and the final agreements of such meeting are as follows: 

    • Three new members joined WCCE
   Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles
de Honduras
 Sociedad Colombiana
de Ingenieros
 Consiglio Nazionale
degli Ingegnere,Italia

  • In this framework, Josefina Maestu, Director of UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) participated through a Guest Conference on ’UN-Water Initiatives’ to illustrate how UN-Water related organisations are working to improve access to water and sanitation in the world and joined us in the presentation of our second report on our Water Monographies series on Water & Energy Further information can be consulted here
  • We also presented a new scientific and technical journal in Spanish Revista Iberoamericana del Agua Further information can be consulted here.
  • The first edition of the World Annual Civil Engineering Report. Further information can be consulted here.
  • Engineer Armando Rito was awarded 2014 Civil Engineering Excellence Award . The Awarding ceremony took place during WCCE's Gala dinner of the General Assembly. Further information can be consulted here
  • Celebration of Urban Rehabilitation Workshop. WCCE jointly with Ordem dos Engenheiros de Portugal celebrated an international workshop on urban rehabilitation, one of the drivers to reactive the building sector in Europe in the following years.
  • Engineering Council of Zimbabwe will host our General Assembly in Victoria Falls in October  2014.