📯🌐 WCCE News

📯 WCCE's Submission candidacy calls' outcome

WCCE's Executive Committee held its 103rd Executive Committee meeting to review and discuss submitted candidacies for the calls to WCCE members which finalized on May 27th, 2022 :

  • Standing Committees
    • Host country renewal of WCCE’s current Standing Committees
    • Proposals for the Creation of new Standing Committees
  • WCCE Executive Committee Offices or liasons to other organizations
    • WCCE appointed liaisons to WFEO Standing Committees
    • Continental representative to the Executive Committee on behalf of WCCE's European members

The Executive Committee proposal is to be ratified by WCCE's General Assembly, on condition that any minor unfulfilled requisites are to be corrected prior to October 1st, 2022.

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💡 Current challenges of Civil Engineering

International engineering forum discussions always turn around a certain number of topics that slowly change over time based on drivers that sometimes are external to the profession. The question is how far are the current topics of discussion from the feeling of the practitioners. WCCE prepared and conducted a survey among civil engineers of the world to learn about their perceptions about some issues that affect the profession. The 14 questions included in the survey covered education, professional practice, ethics, and the importance of global issues (SDGs). In total, 120 answers were received from 30 countries (5 continents) giving an interesting global coverage. The number of participants in each country varied widely. For this reason, the answers were grouped by country and averaged to be able to work with 30 representative answers instead of 120. This procedure proved that the global results do not differ that much from the nationally averaged results, although it certainly flattened the extreme values.

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📰 Echoes of the 16th General Assembly of WCCE

WCCE’s 16th General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers was held virtually on January 25th, 2022. 9 organizations from its corresponding countries attended the General Assembly in which Argentinian Engineer Mr Jorge Abramian succeeded Mr. Carlos Mineiro Aires as WCCE President for the period 2022-2024.

The General Assembly showcased the activity of WCCE's Standing Committee since the last General Assembly showing how WCCE was able to overcome the circumstances created by COVID-19 through new initiatives and member's collaboration.

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📰 Echoes of WCCE's 1st Extraordinary General Assembly

WCCE’s 1st Extraordinary General Assembly of the World Council of Civil Engineers was held virtually on 30th November 2021. The celebration of such Extraordinary Assembly was required by WCCE by-laws as the procedure to propose any changes in the bylaws. The meeting was attended exclusively by WCCE member representatives regarding the matters addressed. All member organizations entitled to vote attended this milestone meeting. The General Assembly also launched several initiatives which will be finalized during WCCE's 16th General Assembly.ew initiatives and member's collaboration.

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