Water Monographies III: Water & Sustainable Development

We are proud to introduce the third report of our Water monographies series , Water & Sustainable Development presented on the occasion of the UN's Conference of the Parties which took place in Paris during the first weeks of December. This initiative is published in collaboration with UN-Water and AQUAE Foundation and is published in English and Spanish.

This report has been dedicated to the Water & Sustainable Development, on the grounds of the theme of 2015's International Year on Water & Sustainable Development. In this report, several agencies from the UN present different approaches to the topic, enriched by the contribution of several other stakeholders.

Digital versions may be downloaded here:


pdf Water Monographies III - Water and Sustainable Development - English version (16.64 MB)

pdf Water Monographies III - Water and Sustainable Development - Spanish version (15.30 MB)

  (9.33 MB)



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