The BUILDUP Initiative

The BUILD UP initiative was established by the European Commission in 2009 to support EU Member States in implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

The BUILD UP web portal is intended to reap the benefits of Europe's collective intelligence on energy reduction in buildings for all relevant audiences. It will bring together new practitioners and professional associations while motivating them to exchange best working practices and knowledge and to transfer tools and resources.




The BUILD web portal aims to:



Enable Home owners and tenants interested in reducing the energy costs of their homes to find out where to obtain practical energy-saving information in their own country or region.

Help building professionals to improve skills and learn more about the latest information on energy legislation. It will help them interact with others and access the latest news and events in the field, a database of resources, guidelines and tools, and a database of real examples.

Provide public authorities staff who are responsible for energy issues with access to many resources on the legislation, toolkits and guidelines produced by other cities, regions or countries, and a way to share expertise with their peers.

Involve umbrella organisations such as energy agencies, industrial associations or non-governmental organisations with an interest in energy saving in buildings and enable them to tell others about their activities and share their successes.

BUILD UP is funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme (2007-2013) that is managed by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) on behalf of the European Commission.

The BUILD UP web portal is provided by the service providers INIVE EEIG, MediaResponsable and PRACSIS in the frame of a service contract signed with the EACI.

The BUILD UP web portal is engineered based on open source software, including Drupal. [+]

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